2019-: Aspilsan Battery Production Facility, Kayseri, TURKEY, 23.407 m²

2019-: Aselsan Konya Weapon Systems Facility, Konya, TURKEY, 62.762 m²

2019: Tower A, Iasi, ROMANIA, 77.146 m²

2019: UBC7 Business Center, Iasi, ROMANIA, 24.065 m²

2019: UBC Campus, Iasi, ROMANIA, 84.177 m²

2019-: Aselsan Radar, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence Systems (REHIS) Gölbaşı Campus Annex Buildings, Ankara, TURKEY, 75.100 m²

2019: Teknohab Technology Development Area Administrative Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 7.339 m²

2019: Akzirve Ambarlar Residential, Office and Retail Complex, İstanbul, TURKEY, 428.779 m²

2019: Kosova Pristina Hotel, Office and Retail Complex, Pristina, KOSOVA, 32.987 m²

2019: Levent 193 Entrance Interior Project, İstanbul, TURKEY, 300 m² [Built]

2014-2019: Maltepe Piazza Residential, Office and Retail Complex, Istanbul, TURKEY, 271.000 m²

2018: Renaza Residence and Office Project, Ankara, TURKEY, 13.000 m²

2018: İzmir Residential, Office and Retail Complex (İLK- KAF), İzmir, TURKEY, 411.721 m²

2018-2019: Ankara Aerospace Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.293 m²

2018: BMC Research Development Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 218.000 m²

2018: National Neuroscience Application and Research Center,  Ankara, TURKEY, 58.570 m²

2017-2018: Merkez Ankara Sales Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 2.414 m² [Built]

2017-2018: Skopje East Gate Residential, Office and Retail Complex, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 456.375 m²

2017-2018: KayseriGaz Office Building, Kayseri, TURKEY, 9.800 m² [Built]

2017: Yıldızlar Group Head Office Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 3.711 m²

2017: Alsancak Residential, Office and Retail Complex (Pekerler), İzmir, TURKEY, 300.309 m²

2016-2018: Merkez Ankara Office Complex, Ankara, TURKEY, 306.727 m²

2016: Vakıf Real Estate Investment Partnership Residential, Office and Retail Complex, İzmir, TURKEY, 360.294 m²

2015-2018: Protokol Road Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 5.300 m²

2015: Kütahya Seramik Office Building, İstanbul, TURKEY, 34.688 m²

2015: Glass Pavilion, Ankara, TURKEY, 326 m²

2014: İmişli Governor's Office, Bakü, AZERBAIJAN, 9.000 m²

2013-: YDA Center Office Complex, Ankara, TURKEY, 369.350 m²

2013-2015: YDA Center Showroom & Sales Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.650 m² [Built]

2013-2014: Ons İncek Showroom & Sales Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.850 m² [Built]

2013: Eskişehir Road Tower, Ankara, TURKEY

2012-2013: Tema Istanbul Showroom, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.500 m² [Built]

2012-2013: Turkmall Headquarters Interior Decoration & Facade Design, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2.432 m² [Built]

2012: Yeni Çeltek Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 3.000 m²

2012: Feka Office, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA, 7.000 m²

2012: Gürbağ Construction Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 5.300 m²

2012: Ertuğrul Furnishing Company Office Building, Showroom, Ankara, TURKEY, 2.055 m²

2012: Ayken Electric – Energy Interior Design, Ankara, Turkey, 550 m² [Built]

2012: Limak Retail, Entertainment, Office and Residential Complex, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 211.366 m²

2011: Renaissance Construction Office Complex, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.292 m² [Built]

2010-2011: BAB II Zumurrud Retail, Entertainment and Office Complex, Tripoli, LIBYA, 310.000 m²

2010: Al Inmaa Company Showroom, Tripoli, LIBYA, 851 m²

2010: Embassy of Republic of Turkey Renovation & Repairing Chancellery & Service Building, Moscow, RUSSIA, 16.700 m² [Built]

2010: Renaissance Construction Private Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.000 m² [Built]

2010: Turkish Contractors Association Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 4.137 m²

2010: Education Technologies Headquarters Façade Renovation, Ankara, TURKEY, 40.000m²

2009-2011: The Royal Netherlands Embassy Campus, Kabul, AFGHANISTAN, 11.500 m² [Built]

2009-2010: Turkish Basketball Federation Headquarters, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2.000 m² [Built]

2008-2011: Yenigün Construction Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.123 m² [Built]

2008-2009: Kavacık Office, Istanbul, TURKEY, 5.973 m² [Built]

2008: Agriculture Bank of the Republic of Turkey Sapanca Branch Invited Architectural Design Competition, 1.100 m²

2008: Park Gorkovo Retail, Entertainment, Residential and Office Comlex, Kiev, UKRAINE, 600.000 m²

2008: Burj al Baher 5-Star-Hotel, Residential and Office Complex, Tripoli, LIBYA, 90.000 m²

2007-2008: Vidnoye Retail, Entertainment and Office Complex, Moscow, RUSSIA, 43.200 m² - [Built]

2007-2008: Krasnoyarsk Novotel and Office Complex, RUSSIA, 20.000 m²

2007-2008: Kaliningrad Ibis Hotel, Office and Residential Complex, RUSSIA, 20.000 m²

2007: Neft Company Headquarters Office Tower, Baku, AZERBAIJAN, 84.631 m²

2007: Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation Headquarters & Social Center, İzmit, TURKEY, 4.122 m²

2007: Turkish Coastguard Command Social Center, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.850 m²

2007: European Union Information Center Interior Design & Construction, Ankara, TURKEY, 180 m² [Built]

2006: Private Office at Gaziosmanpaşa, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.800 m²

2006: Prokon-Ekon Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 4.250 m² [Built]

2006: Tyumen Retail, Entertainment and Office Complex, RUSSIA, 67.000 m²

2001: Turkish Telecommunications Corporation Esertepe Branch Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.200 m² [Built]

2001: Turkish Telecommunications Corporation Buca Branch Office, Izmir, TURKEY, 770 m² [Built]

2001: Turkish Telecommunications Corporation Erzurum Branch Office, Erzurum, TURKEY, 2.140 m² [Built]

2001: Turkish Telecommunications Corporation Batman Branch Office, Batman, TURKEY, 1.600 m² [Built]

2000: Opel Car Showroom & Service Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 13.120 m² [Built]

1999: Karakaya Headquarters & Gas Station, Ankara, TURKEY [Built]

1997: Turkish Tradesman & Craftsmen Credit & Bailment Cooperative Society Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 5.000 m²

1996-1999: Bandırma Cin Çukuru 5-Star-Hotel, Residential and Office Complex, Balıkesir, TURKEY, 70.000 m²

1994: TARİS Headquarters, Izmir, TURKEY, 15.810 m²

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