[Invited Competition1st Prize]

Merkez Ankara Sales Office/Showroom is a 2.414 sqm building located in Ankara, Turkey. The building works as a sales office/showroom for Merkez Ankara Project which is a mixed-use project of residences and offices. The project contains mock-up apartment flats, administrative and sales offices, and small innerouter gardens.

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The primary design idea stems from the wish to integrate nature into architecture. Different spaces are organized in a sequential manner, while separated physically with horizontal inner garden strips, thus achieving ideal dimensions and clear divisions for different functions; visual continuity is maintained through transparency and the perception of depth increases.The atriums make sure that natural light reaches every corner within the building, blurring the distinction between inside and outside in a way. Nature is integrated into the daily life inside.

The function of spaces changes gradually following the sequence; starting from entrance and waiting hall; it leads to an area where physical models of the project are exhibited and sales representatives are ready to give relevant information, allowing visitors to get an overall idea; finally it ends with the display of fully furnished sample apartment units that are built in true dimensions and materials. Service areas and circulation cores are gathered as one strip on the eastern façade, and administration offices are gathered as another strip on the western façade of the building, leaving center solely for the display of the project and inner gardens. Service areas, offices and sample apartment units continue to the first floor while the entrance hall and the model area achieve double height and visual relationship with the upper floor.


Folded shell that wraps around the building is one of the important features of the project. Fabric is used as a material for the shell allowing for sun shading while drawing a strong image of the building differently during the day and night.



Location                                                 Ankara, Turkey


                                                                            Pasifik & Çiftay




Total Construction Area                            2.415 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

Interior Design Project                             Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Kınacı Engineering

Mechanical Project                                  GMD Engineering

Electrical Project                                     Yurdakul Engineering

Landscape Design Project                        Yazgan Design Architecture


                                                                                Yunus Özkazanç 2018, Aylin Kose 2019, Koray Kalay 2019


                                                                               2021, Archdaily Building of the Year 2021 – ‘Office’ Category - Nominated

                                                                               2019, World Festival of Interiors INSIDE 2019 - ‘Office’ category - Finalist

                                                                               2019, The Plan Award 2019 - ‘Interior / Completed’ - Finalist

                                                                               2019, Turkish Architecture Yearbook 2018 - Selected Project

                                                                               2018, World Architecture Community 29th Cycle Selected Project for WAA