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2019-: Aspilsan Battery Production Facility, Kayseri, TURKEY, 23.407 m²

2019-: Aselsan Konya Weapon Systems Facility, Konya, TURKEY, 62.762 m²

2019-: Aselsan Radar, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence Systems (REHIS) Gölbaşı Campus Annex Buildings, Ankara, TURKEY, 75.100 m²

2019: Teknohab Technology Development Area Administrative Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 7.339 m²

2018-2019: Ankara Aerospace Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.293 m²

2018: TeknoHab Ankara Aeropace Specialized Industrial Zone, Ankara, TURKEY, 191.000 m²

2014-2016: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Exhibition & Convention Center, Eskisehir, TURKEY, 27.000 m² [Built]

2013: CNR Expo Center Renovation Project, Istanbul, TURKEY, 74.000 m²

2012: Temapark İstanbul Exposition Area, İstanbul, TURKEY, 400.000 m²

2011: Posco – Assan Tst, Steel Production Premises, Office Building, Izmit, TURKEY, 159.450 m² [Built]

2010-2014: Aselsan, Radar, Electronic Warfare & Intelligence Systems (REHİS) New Campus, Ankara, TURKEY, 98.000 m² [Built]

2010: 220 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 3.960 m² [Built]

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