2018: Haydarpaşa Urban Deck, İstanbul, TURKEY, 21.785 m²

2018: Bolu Mengen Atatürk Street Renovation Project, Bolu, TURKEY,

2018: TeknoHab Ankara Aeropace Specialized Industrial Zone, Ankara, TURKEY, 191.000 m²

2017-: Longosphere Glamping, İğneada-Kırklareli, TURKEY, 170.230 m²

2016 -2018: Hamamyolu Urban Deck, Eskişehir, TURKEY, 25.000 m²

2016: International Competition for the National Museum Complex Master Plan of Administrative City, Sejong, SOUTH KOREA, 189.500 m²

2016: Karapınar Park, Eskişehir, TURKEY, 56.906 m²

2016: Hicri Sezen Park, Eskişehir, TURKEY, 4.197 m²

2016: Sorgun Ecopark Master Plan Project, Yozgat, TURKEY, 138.800 m²

2014-2018: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Exhibition and Convention Center, Eskisehir, TURKEY, 27.000 m²

2014: Antalya Konyaaltı Seaside Architectural and Waterfront Design Competition, Antalya, TURKEY, 420.000 m²

2013: Fatih Forest Project, İstanbul, TURKEY, 180.000 m²

2010-2014: Aselsan, Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems (REHİS) New Campus, Ankara, TURKEY, 98.000 m²

2004: Pananos Beach Urban Design and Landscape Project Competition, Selçuk, TURKEY, 200.000 m²

2002: 50th Year Park & War Memorial Complex National Architectural Project Competition, Ankara, TURKEY, 120.000 m²

2002: Ankara Swan Park National Project Competition Landscape Project, Ankara, TURKEY, 11.000 m²

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