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YENİGÜN CONSTRUCTION HEADQUARTERS     [Invited Competition 1st Prize]

Yenigün Construction Headquarters is a 5700 m² office building located on the Doğukent Boulevard of Ankara. Its design was realized considering a program, which was developed by taking user requirements into account. Program elements were designed into separate volumes as “service areas”, “open offices” and “management offices”.

“Open office” volume was selected as the central unit of which other volumes were surrounded. Separation of service areas from the main volume enables arrangement of working spaces in an open, transparent and flexible way. The arrangement of services into a volume brings forward certain flexibility in design, which provides vertical grouping of shafts, superposition of toilets and formation of the main volume according to technical requirements. 


The design of the building was accomplished by the re-identification of relationships between volumes, which took shape through the “separation” of program elements, by means of their “articulation”. This approach, which is based on constructing of the design acts, is named as “the design of the design act”. 




The same act is sustained at the interiors through the organization of materials. Office and administrative floors are differentiated in the section, open offices and manager offices in the plan by means of material use. Interior design of office spaces was developed by using transparent glass, white enamel painted glass and walnut coated materials. Black enamel painted glass and walnut cover were used at the administrative board. Material relation with the interiors was provided by using enamel painted orange glass materials at the façade. In this way, an enjoyable façade was provided towards the school behind.



Landscape design was accomplished by using plants that conform to Ankara climate and enabling integrity with the façade color.  



Location                                                 East Boulevard, Ankara, Turkey


                                                                                Yenigün Construction 




Total Construction Area                            5.700 m²

Total Landscape Area                               610 m² 


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

Interior Design Project                             Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Aydın Pelin-Can Binzet Engineering

Mechanical Project                                   Ünlü Engineering

Electrical Project                                      Ovacık Engineering

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture


Construction Date                                   2010-2011

Contractor                                              YG Construction



                                                                               Yunus Özkazanç 2011, Fethi Mağara 2011


                                                                              2012, European Property Awards, Office Development – Highly Commended

                                                             2008, Yenigün Construction Headquarters Invited Competition – 1st Prize



                                                             ​İnşaat Dünyası, April 2011

                                                             İnşaat Dünyası, May 2011

                                                             Pimeks Bülten, May 2011

                                                             İnşaat & Yatırım, July 2011

                                                             Best Magazine, July 2011

                                                             Çatı ve Cephe, July - August 2011

                                                             4 Duvar Knauf, May-June-July-August 2011,

                                                             XXI, September 2011

                                                             Tasarım, November 2011

                                                             Seramik TurkeyMagazine, December 2011-February 2012

                                                             Best Magazine, February 2012

                                                             Çatı ve Cephe, March-April 2012

                                                             Yapı, November 2012

                                                             İnşaat Dünyası, November 2012

                                                             Best Magazine, November 2012


                                                                                Architectural Material & Detail Structure / Glass, 2016


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