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34 countries, 93 cities


in 20 years

2019-2023: Palas Campus, İasi, ROMANIA, 86.500 

2021-2022: Turkish Embassy of Senegal, Dakar, SENEGAL, 4.000 m²

2020-2022: Heper Lighting Company Headquarters and Production Facility Interior, Façade, Lighting and Landscape Design, Ankara, TURKEY, 3.700 m²

2020-2021: Gulf GRC Company Headquarters Interior Design, Doha, QATAR, 1.000 m²

2016-2018: Merkez Ankara Mixed Use Complex Office Towers, TURKEY, 306.727 m²

2019-2022: Aspilsan Battery Company Headquarters and Production Facility, Kayseri, TURKEY, 23.407 m²

2017-2021: Skopje East Gate Mixed-Use Project, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 142.420 m² [shopping mall constructed]

2019-: Aselsan Konya Weapon Systems Company Headquarters and Production Facility, TURKEY, 62.762 m²

2019: Eczacibasi Headquarters Entrance Hall Interior and Landscape Design, Levent, Istanbul, TURKEY, 300 m²

2018-2019: Kigali Arena Multi-Functional Sports and Entertainment Complex, RWANDA, 28.620 m²

2018-2019: Ankara Aerospace Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.293 m²

2018-2019: Chisinau Arena Multi-Functional Sports and Entertainment Hall, MOLDOVA, 19.109 m²

2018-2019: Chisinau Arena Aquacenter, MOLDOVA, 13.603 m²

2018-2019: Chisinau Arena Tennis Club, MOLDOVA, 410 m²

2018: Renaza Residence and Office Tower, Ankara, TURKEY, 13.000 m²

2017-2018: Merkez Ankara Mixed Use Complex Sales Office and Showroom Building, TURKEY, 2.414 m²

2017-: Longosphere Glamping, Igneada, Kırklareli, TURKEY, 170.230

2017-2018: KayseriGaz Natural Gas Distribution Company Headquarters, TURKEY, 9.800 m²

2017: Karabuk University Laboratory Building, TURKEY, 20.000 m²

2017-2019: Japoma Sports Complex / Stadium, Douala, CAMEROON, 44.337 m²

2017-2019: Japoma Sports Complex / Aquatic Center, Douala, CAMEROON, 7.108 m²

2017-2019: Japoma Sports Complex / Multi-Purpose Hall, Douala, CAMEROON, 5.469 m²

2017: Inonu University Social Center, Malatya, TURKEY, 4.125 m²

2016-: National Ministry of Health Basaksehir Pine and Sakura City Hospital, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.015.714 m²

2016-2018: Hamamyolu Urban Deck Master Planning and Landscape Design, Eskisehir, TURKEY, 25.000 m²

2016-2018: National Ministry of Health Adana City Training and Research Hospital Commercial Areas, and Dorms, TURKEY, 88.000 m²

2016-2018: Dakar Arena Multi-Functional Sports and Entertainment Complex, SENEGAL, 35.000 m²

2016-2019: National Ministry of Health Bursa City Hospital, TURKEY, 459.000 m²

2015-2017: Renaissance Holding Healthcare Investment Company Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 5.300 m²

2015-2017: National Ministry of Health Adana City Training and Research Hospital, TURKEY, 525.000 m²

2014-2015: Altes Villas, Kalkan, TURKEY, 1.470 m²

2014-2015: Mustafa V. Koc Sports Hall, Bursa, TURKEY, 8.308 m²

2014-2016: Konya Food and Agriculture University, TURKEY, 132.000 m²

2014-2017: Optimum Shopping and Entertainment Center Extension Building, Izmir, TURKEY, 90.000 m²

2014-2015: Maltepe Piazza Residential, Office and Retail Complex, Istanbul, TURKEY, 271.000 m²

2014-2016: Eskisehir Chamber of Commerce Exhibition and Convention Center, TURKEY, 27.000 m²

2014-2016: National Ministry of Health Isparta City Hospital, TURKEY, 223.000 m²

2014:  Private Mansion at the Bosphorus Coast, Emirgan, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.672 m²

2013-2019: YDA Center Office Tower and Urban Park, Ankara, TURKEY, 369.350 m²

2013-2016: National Ministry of Health Yozgat City Hospital, TURKEY, 140.000 m²

2013-2015: YDA Center Office Tower Showroom Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.650 m²

2013-2014: Ons Incek Residence Towers Sales Office and Showroom, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.850 m²

2013-2016: The Bodrum Edition Marriott Hotel, Mugla, TURKEY, 19.000 m²

2013: Ashgabat International Airport Annex Building, TURKMENISTAN, 19.830 m²

2012-2013: Tema Istanbul Residential Complex Sales Office and Showroom Building, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.500 m²

2012-2013: Turkmall Company Headquarters Interior and Facade Design, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2.432 m²

2012-2013: Piazza Shopping and Entertainment Center, Sanliurfa, TURKEY, 84.403 m²

2012: Knauf Arena Interior Exhibition Design, CNR Hall, Istanbul, TURKEY, 10.000 m²

2012: Ayken Electric Energy Engineering Company Headquarters Interior Design, Ankara, TURKEY, 550 m²

2012: Akdas Family Residence Interior Design, Ankara, TURKEY, 900 m²

2012: Yadigarlar Museum and Park, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN, 9.700 m²

2012: Feka Office Tower, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA, 7.670 m²

2012: Gürbag Construction Company Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 5.300 m²

2012-2014: Volkswagen Arena Entertainment and Sports Hall, Istanbul, TURKEY, 12.000 m²

2011: Posco and Assan TST Joint Venture Company Headquarters and Steel Production Facilities, Izmit, TURKEY, 159.450 m²

2011-2016: National Ministry of Health, Kayseri City Hospital, TURKEY, 462.000 m²

2011: Esmi Towers Residential Complex, Samsun, TURKEY, 98.000 m²

2011: Medeni Dinc Culture and Entertainment Center, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN, 25.000 m²

2011: Renaissance Holding Company Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.292 m²

2010-2014: Aselsan Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems (REHİS) New Campus, Ankara, TURKEY, 98.000 m²

2010-2011: Optimum Shopping and Entertainment Center, Izmir, TURKEY, 138.450 m²

2010-2011: Borekci Family Residence, Incek, Ankara, TURKEY, 700 m²

2010: Embassy of the Republic of Turkey Chancellery and Service Building Renovation, Moscow, RUSSIA, 16.700 m²

2010: 220 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant, Skopje, MACEDONIA, 3.960 m²

2009-2012: White House, Umitkoy, Ankara, TURKEY, 900 m²

2009-2011: Middle East Technical University Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 2.730 m²

2009-2011: Ice Palace Hockey Arena and School Complex, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN, 52.750 m²

2009-2011: The Royal Netherlands Embassy Campus, Kabul, AFGHANISTAN, 11.500 m²

2009-2011: Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center, Tarsus, TURKEY, 63.000 m²

2009-2010: Turkish Basketball Federation Headquarters, Istanbul, TURKEY, 2.000 m²

2009-2010: Ankara Arena Multi-Functional Sports and Entertainment Complex, TURKEY, 53.000 m²

2009: Private Mansion at the Bosphorus Coast, Interior Design and Construction, Baltalimanı, Istanbul, TURKEY, 250 m²

2008-2011: Yenigun Construction Company Headquarters, Ankara, TURKEY, 6.123 m²

2008-2009: Teraspark Shopping and Entertainment Center Interior Design and Construction, Denizli, TURKEY, 3000 m²

2008-2009: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IGDAS Gas Distribution Company Tower, Kavacik, TURKEY, 5.973 m²

2008: Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Annex Building Second Floor Renovation, 300 m²

2008-2010: Orange House Landscape Design, Bilkent, Ankara, TURKEY, 8.845 m²

2007-2011: Aura Shopping & Entertainment Center, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 170.000 m²

2007-2009:  Middle East Technical University, Turkish Armed Forces and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries Joint Venture Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) Research and Development Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.500 m², 4.100 m²

2007-2008: Vidnoye Retail, Entertainment and Office Complex, Moscow, RUSSIA, 43.200 m²

2007-2008: IKEA MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Rostov, RUSSIA, 254.000 m²

2007-2008: MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Aktobe, KAZAKHSTAN, 68.000 m²

2007-2008: IKEA MEGA Retail and Entertainment Complex, Omsk, RUSSIA, 295.000 m²

2007-2008: IKEA MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Adygea, RUSSIA, 230.000 m²

2007-2008: IKEA MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 230.000 m²

2007: IKEA MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Parnas, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA, 230.000 m²

2007: Turkish Coastguard Command Social Center, Istanbul, TURKEY, 1.850 m²

2007: European Union Information Center Interior Design and Construction, Ankara, TURKEY, 180 m²

2006: Smartplay Children Entertainment Center Interior Design and Construction, Ankamall, Ankara, TURKEY, 400 m²

2005-2010: Orange House, Bilkent, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.050 m²

2005-2006: IKEA MEGA Shopping and Entertainment Center, Nizhniy Novgorod, RUSSIA, 230.000 m²

2005-2006: Royal Park Shopping and Entertainment Center, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA, 72.000 m²

2005: Ring Premier 4-Star-Hotel, Yaroslavl, RUSSIA, 20.000 m²

2004-2005: Grand Canyon Shopping and Entertainment Center, St Petersburg, RUSSIA, 72.000 m²

2004-2005: Goodwin Shopping and Entertainment Center, Tyumen, RUSSIA, 55.000 m²

2004-2005: Kolizey Shopping and Entertainment Center, Perm, RUSSIA, 25.000 m²

2004-2005: Kyum Shopping and Entertainment Center, Perm, RUSSIA, 55.000 m²

2004-2005: Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Buildings Interior Design, 68.000 m²

2001-2002: Isik Family Residence Interior Design and Construction, Ankara, TURKEY, 240 m²

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Coordination with other disciplines


  • acoustical engineering

  • civil engineering

  • electrical engineering

  • environmental engineering

  • facade engineering

  • fire engineering

  • geotechnical engineering

  • disability engineering

  • infrastructure engineering

  • irrigation engineering

  • jet-fan design engineering

  • lift engineering

  • marine engineering

  • mechanical engineering

  • natural gas engineering

  • piling-shoring engineering

  • survey engineering

  • topographical engineering

  • traffic and highway engineering

  • waste management engineering


  • acoustics consultantcy

  • agriculture consultantcy

  • art consultantcy

  • audio-visual consultantcy

  • automation consultantcy

  • cogeneration-trigeneration consultant

  • color consultantcy

  • cost management consultantcy

  • disability consultantcy

  • electrical consultantcy

  • environmental consultantcy

  • facade consultantcy

  • facade maintenance consultantcy

  • facilities management consultantcy

  • feasibility consultantcy

  • fire consultantcy

  • geotechnical consultantcy

  • graphic & signage consultantcy

  • helipad consultantcy

  • infrastructre consultantcy

  • irrigation consultantcy

  • landscape consultantcy

  • logistic consultantcy

  • marketing consultantcy

  • mechanical consultantcy

  • project management consultantcy

  • security/threat analysis consultantcy

  • seismic consultantcy

  • seismic isolator consultantcy

  • signage consultantcy

  • sustainable design consultantcy

  • structural consultantcy

  • traffic and highway consultantcy

  • vertical transportation consultantcy

  • waste management consultantcy

  • wind tunnel consultantcy

  • consultants for specific designscy

  • auditorium-theater design consultantcy

  • biomedical design consultantcy

  • cleanroom design consultantcy

  • accomodation and catering consultantcy

  • kitchen design consultantcy

  • laundry design consultantcy

  • marina design consultantcy

  • medical design consultantcy

  • medical gas project design consultantcy

  • museum design consultantcy

  • pneumatic tube project design consultantcy

  • pool-lagoon design consultantcy

  • restaurant (F&B) consultantcy

  • shopping mall design consultantcy

  • spa design consultantcy

  • sports facilities design consultantcy


completed 255.000 sqm Fully coordinated BIM projects