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Located along the Eskisehir Boulevard in Ankara, Turkey, the 1.500 sqm. double-height YDA Center Showroom is the sales office of a 330.000 sqm. mixed use office complex. The main idea behind the design of the showroom was to create a floating roof with a transparent façade in order to visually connect the boulevard to the plaza of the mixed use complex. 

yda showroom interior

The spatial configuration of the showroom is focused at the center through the large scale project model. The design of the space around the model is based upon three design ideas that work together to reflect the prestige of the office complex.

The first idea is to emphasize the relation between reflection and transparency by the use of material. The various light reflections on diverse material surfaces emphasize this idea. Natural and artificial lighting help in creating instances of dynamic reflections, the moment when they cast on the surfaces of transparent glass, black enamel painted glass, bronze mirrored stainless steel columns, reflecting pools, and polished marble.

The second idea, which can be defined as "depth effect", is emphasizing spatial depth at the interiors. The linear configuration creates a depth of perspective. With the help of the two screens located at the end of the model hall, this depth effect is emphasized. In addition to this, the linear configuration of the glass cube sales units further enhance the spatial depth and create a visual infinity effect.

The third idea, which can be defined as "the floating effect",  is rendering the interior elements as if they float on the surface through the use of lighting and water. LED lights are used under the model table, at the top and bottom of the columns, under the grand staircase, under the info desk, and under the flower pots to develop this idea of floating objects. In addition to lighting elements, the glass cube sale units sit on top of shallow reflecting pools, which add to the illusion of floatation.


Along the interior southern façade, plants are placed in order to balance and soften the dynamic effects of the reflections.

yda showroom landscape
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