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2019-: ASV Technology MODSIMMER Data Center Renovation Project, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.500 m²

2018: Middle East Technical University - TAI Gear Machine Research Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 2.341 m²

2018: Gazi University Faculty of Literature Academic Members and Dean's Office Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 9.883 m²

2018: Gazi University Faculty of Science Lecture Hall and Laboratory Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 10.720 m²

2018- : Middle East Technical University Co-working & Cafeteria, Ankara, TURKEY, 7.175 m²

2016: Gazi Technopark Development Project, Ankara, TURKEY, 21.284 m²

2014-2017: Konya Agriculture & Food University, Konya, TURKEY, 132.000 m²

2013: National Ministry of Education Campus Design Competition Bursa-Nilüfer, TURKEY, 94.829 m²

2012: Bilkent University Nanotam Nanotechnology Research Center Office Building, Ankara, TURKEY, 3.564 m²

2011: Student Activity Center, Tripoli, LIBYA, 22.000 m²

2009-2011: Middle East Technical University Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Research & Application Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 2.730 m² [Built]

2009: Middle East Technical University Annex Building MoRL Laboratories Renovation, Ankara, TURKEY, 950 m²

2008: Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Annex Building Second Floor Renovation, Ankara, TURKEY, 300 m²[Built]

2007-2009: Middle East Technical University MODSIM Modeling & Simulation Research Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 4.100 m² [Built]

2007: Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Third Dormitory Complex, Güzelyurt, NORTHERN CYPRUS, 10.000 m²

2006: Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Engineering Laboratories, Güzelyurt, NORTHERN CYPRUS, 5.192 m²

2004-2005: Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Buildings Interior Design, Güzelyurt, NORTHERN CYPRUS, 68.000 m²[Built]

2001: Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates Earthquake Region School Projects, Ankara, TURKEY

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