Daha Fazla Göster

TEMA İSTANBUL SHOWROOOM     [Invited Competition1st Prize]

Tema Istanbul Showroom is a 1.500 sqm. building located in Halkalı, Istanbul, Turkey. The building functions mainly as a showroom space for Tema Istanbul, a multi-purpose project containing 4000 residential units, a luxury hotel, a family entertainment complex and a shopping center.  The showroom contains mock-up apartment flats of the Tema Istanbul Residential Complex, a central gallery displaying the model of the 4000 residential units along with visual panels of the overall project, and administrative and sales offices.

The showroom is a 3 story reinforced concrete building that is surrounded by elliptical shaped steel ribs. The entrance level contains the main sales offices, bank offices, the model showcase and graphic panels. It is accessed through a wood covered bridge that pierces through the first elliptical rib. The first floor contains the model apartment flats. It is accessed through a gallery space overlooking the model of the residential complex that is located at the center of the space. The basement level contains staff rooms and support spaces.


The functional portion of the building is covered with a reflective glass curtain wall that is grey in color. The structure sits on a black pool that reflects the under portion of the building, creating an elevated effect. The white elliptical steel ribs surround the building; unify the building as a whole. Based on the time of day, this envelope generates different visual interactions in relation with its context, thus drawing attention to itself. During the day, the functional portion of the building seems almost invisible due to the mirrored façade reflecting the surroundings, leaving the white ribs to appear as if they were floating in space. While at night, when the steel ribs are lit with LEDs, the building transforms into sculpture of light; an autonomous shining object in the dark, slowly changing in color. The building draws the attention of visitors and passers-by throughout the day and night.



The interior concept of the showroom is based on the idea of reinforcing the depth of space through the use of a single green color on various different objects and surfaces. The first impression of spatial depth is achieved through the green color on the back panel of the main foyer. Acting as the first visual cue, the panel draws the attention of the visitor, inviting them into the space. Once inside, the visitor will also encounter the green color on different surfaces of the interior such as: the carpet of the offices, the enameled painted glass walls of the WC’s, services, and sample flats, the plexi cover of the lift cabin, the interior foliage, the office seating elements, the front cover of the director’s table, the green Venetian Murano glass tubes of the staircase chandelier, and the green LEDs. Throughout the interior space, the multiple uses of the green color act as harmonizing elements of visual cues and way-finding components. The exterior landscaping also adds to the unifying effect of the green color. Thus, visual continuity is achieved through the interior and exterior relationships of depth and color.




The structure sits on an elliptical pool that reflects the under portion of the building, creating an elevated effect. The surface of the water reflects the black color of the pebbles that is layered on the base of the stainless steel pool. The soft landscape elements surround the elliptical pool in radial order. They are layered as groups of strips that have different lengths and colors. A walkway of stepping stones placed on a bed of cinder is located among this colored landscape for pedestrian circulation. The plant strips are occasionally interrupted by white and black pebble strips to create diversity in the use of landscape elements.  The radial strips of random lengths and colors develop the shape of an elliptical bowl, as they descend while following the natural topography. The 379-sqm bowl-shaped colored landscape grabs the elliptical building that appears to be floating in space.


Each strip group contains a different plant type that is appropriate for the local climate. They are mainly evergreen bushes of lower heights specially selected in order to reinforce the bowl effect. The garden has a dripping type water system that consumes a lesser water amount than the sprinkler type. The building and its bowl shaped garden bed are surrounded by a randomly distributed group of evergreen trees and conifers on a 3540 sqm landscape. Like the evergreen bushes of the elliptical garden, the trees of the surrounding landscape are also selected among the ones that are native to the local climate.



Location                                                 İstanbul, Turkey


                                                                               Mesa, Kantur-Akdaş, Artaş, Öztaş Joint Venture