2017: Congress and TV Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 34.000 m²

2016: International Competition for the National Museum Complex Master Plan of Administrative City, Sejong, SOUTH KOREA, 189.500 m²

2014: Expo Milan 2015 Turkish Pavilion, Milan, ITALY, 1.233 m²

2014: Flying Theatre, Astana, KAZAKHSTAN, 3.750 m²

2014: Korean War Veterans Museum, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.470 m²

2014-2018: Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce Exhibition & Convention Center, Eskisehir, TURKEY, 27.000 m²

2014: Kumasi Mixed-Use National Theater Complex, Kumasi, GHANA, 31.356 m²

2014: CNR Expo Renovation Project, İstanbul, TURKEY, 74.000 m²

2014: Volkswagen Arena, İstanbul, TURKEY, 12.000 m²

2013: Tema İstanbul Exposition Stand, İstanbul, TURKEY, 450 m²

2013: Fatih Forest Multipurpose Hall, İstanbul, TURKEY, 59.231 m²

2013: Avaza Congress Center, Turkmenbashi, TURKMENISTAN, 38.663 m²

2012: Temapark İstanbul Exposition Area, İstanbul, TURKEY, 400.000 m²

2012: Yadigarlar Park Museum, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN, 9.700 m²

2012: Knauf CNR Exhibition Space, Istanbul, TURKEY, 10.000 m²

2011: Expo 2012 Korea, Ark Group-Turkish Pavilion Invited Design Competition, Yeosu, KOREA, 1.233 m²

2011: Medeni Dinç Culture & Entertainment Center, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN, 25.000 m²

2010: Ulvi Cemal Erkin Concert Hall, Ankara, TURKEY, 52.330 m²

2007: Süleymaniye Social Center, IRAQ, 4.558 m²

2003: Muradiye Mosque Complex Entrance Unit, Bursa, TURKEY, 5 m²

2003: Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Culture & Congress Center, Güzelyurt, NORTHERN CYPRUS, 4.420 m²

2001: Clemens Holzmeister: An Architect at Turning Points of History, An Exhibition at Turkish Grand National Assembly Honorary Hall, Ankara, TURKEY

2001: Tepe İnşaat Genç Türk Mimarları Sergi Tasarımı ve Uygulaması, İstanbul, TURKEY, 10 m²

1994: Ankara Congress Hall & Cultural Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 120.000 m²

1994: Marmaris Cultural Center, Muğla, TURKEY, 8.000 m²

1992: Architecture Center, Ankara, TURKEY, 30.000 m²

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