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The YDA Center is situated at a point near one of the two main arteries of the city where a rapidly growing number of offices, residences and universities take place. The site is not only in the middle of business, recreation, shopping but also located at the intersection of public transport stations of underground light railway, subway and bus services. The entire complex has a total construction area of ​​356.000 m².

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Premium Project in two categories

'Best Office Building' & 'Best Architectural Design'

The project is composed of three main spaces; "Urban Plaza", " Office", "Park ", and an "Urban Void" to link those spaces.


The buildings in the complex are located at the periphery of the land. An Urban Plaza is designed at the center that provides transition between metro stations, commercial and retail spaces, office blocks entrances, cafes, exhibition spaces, multipurpose open performance areas and green spaces. Containing numbers of courtyards and connecting streets at different levels, Urban Plaza provides access to neighboring spaces and to the Park located at the southern part of the site. 

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