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Commissioned by the Ministry of Health as a Public Private Partnership Project, the Yozgat Education and Research Hospital will serve the citiy of Yozgat and its local surrondings. The 478 bed hospital will contain a 137.240 sqm. Main Hospital and a 4.260 sqm. Technical Service Building. Yozgat Education and Research Hospital will meet the need of health care services of Yozgat province and surrounding residency areas.

The following facilities are present within the Yozgat Education and Research Hospital : 113 polyclinic rooms, new-born intensive care unit (ICU) with 27 bed capacity, intensive care unit (ICU) with 33 bed capacity (5 of which is isolated intensive care units), 20 dialysis units, acute bed capacity of 393, discrete unit, having separate entrance, designed for the prisoner patients at the ground floor and eight of the acute beds (four for male, four for female) at this unit, surgery suite with 18 beds patient preparation area and 18 beds patient waking up area, 15 operating rooms. (13 operating room + 2 daily operating room), 2 angiography unit, chemotherapy unit that have 10 seats, physiotherapy centre, nuclear medicine unit, 8 beds LDRP-labour, delivery, recovery, and post-partum, radiology department, technical building, waste storage building, garden water storage and an auditorium. In addition, diagnostic and treatment services are; endoscopy unit, radiology department, nuclear medicine, surgery suite, angiography/cardiac cath, emergency service, hemodialysis center, physiotherapy center, sterile processing department, advanced pathology unit, cancer early detection, screening and education center, chemotherapy.


The landscape design of Yozgat Hospital is based on four different principles. The first one is, developing an integral design system that covers the area surrounding the buildilng. The second one is, to reflect the concept that is particular to the hospital typolgy. The third one is, to achieve an environmentally sound design based on achieving sustainability not only in design, but also in terms of the management of the area. The fourth one is to use hard and soft landscape materials together in planning the landscape furniture. The landscape design of the area is achieved by developing strips of bushes in diverse widths and colors  and arrange them side by side in a random order. The random ordered strips repeat in every portion of the land in the hospital area and create a totality of design. 





Location                                                Yozgat, Turkey

Land Owner                                           Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey


                                                                                Renaissance Construction




Capacity                                                 475 beds

Total Construction Area                            140.000 m²

Total Landscape Area                               99.655 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture & Hayalgücü Design​

Interior Design                                        Renaissance Construction

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture, Hayalgücü Design

Structural Project                                    Aydın Pelin-Can Binzet Engineering

Mechanical Project                                  GMD Engineering

Electrical Project                                     RAM Engineering

Infrastructure Project                              Diyap Project

Landscape Design Project                        Yazgan Design Architecture


Fire Consultant                                        Alara Project

Hospital Design Consultant                       Sıla Healthcare Group

Medical Consultant                                   SHP Sağlık Tasarım Danışmanlığı


Construction Date                                   2014-2016

Contractor                                              Renaissance Construction


                                                                                Yunus Özkazanç, 2017


                                                                                Turkey Projects-4: Healthcare Buildings/City Hospitals




                                                             Serbest Mimar, July 2016

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