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Tarsu is a 63.000 square meter of shopping and entertainment center, which is located in Tarsus, Turkey. The two-story building with a basement floor has 75 shops with large scaled shopping and entertainment units, such as, a hypermarket, a technology shop, an entertainment center and cinemas, making it the largest shopping center in the city.

Water is a prominent element affecting the history of Tarsus. The city was founded on the meeting point of city harbor with the river that flows between Toros Mountains. The name “Tarsu” is selected for it’s wordly allusion to “water”; hence, “su” means “water” in Turkish. “Tarsu” denotes the meeting of Tarsus city with water. Hence, water elements are everywhere; there are nine pools and three fountains at the outside and the inside of the building. A massive aquarium meets the visitor at the food court of the upper floor. Water shaped the design of Tarsu as well. Interior corridors are designed such that their shape reflects river flow.




The design concepts for Tarsu pursue a strong dialog between the interior worlds of the project and the exterior world of the City of Tarsus. For example at the well-landscaped food court terraces of the project there is an adaptable interface between indoors and outdoors. Movable walls open to increase the size of the exterior domain and green world of the terraces when fine weather allows. In a way, one can say that the project has the ability to adapt itself and breathe with the seasons of Tarsus.



The building’s ecologically-sound peculiarity does not end at the point where the building intertwines with nature and water. Its technological attributes render the building to earn BREEAM certificate at the highest degree in Turkey.




Location                                                 Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey






Total Construction Area                            67.790 m²

Total Landscape Area                               20.775 m²


Concept Design                                       Altoon & Partners

Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

Interior Design Project                             Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Aydın Pelin-Can Binzet Engineering

Mechanical Project                                   Çilingiroğlu Engineering

Electrical Project                                     RAM Engineering

Infrastructure Project                              Birim Engineering

Landscape Concept Design                       Okra Landscape Architecture

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture


Fire Consultant                                       Karina  

Green Building Consultant                        Grontmij


Construction Date                                   2011

Contractor                                              Erba Construction


                                                                            Yunus Özkazanç, KeremYazgan 2012



2012, European Property Awards, Retail Architecture - Best in Turkey (5 Star)

2012, European Property Awards, Retail Architecture Europe – Best in Europe (5 Star)

2012, Breeam – ‘Very Good’ Degree



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                                                                                Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center, May 2013


                                                                                Shopping Mall III, 2013


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                                                                                Gazeteparc, May 2011

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