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The main objective of Sorgun Ecopark Masterplan was to rehabilitate the Sorgun Coal Mine of1.140.410 sqm. area, which has been under operation by Yeni Çeltek Coal and Mining Inc. since 1965. Through innovative design and programmatic re-purposing, the masterplan proposal aims to have this area reincorporated back into the urban fabric of the city.

Located on the Yozgat-Sivas Highway in the middle of Anatolia, the project site is accessible to both locals, near-by towns, and visitors. As part of the improvement activities, a green space will be created and incorporated back into the continuity of the green belt that leads up to Yozgat National Park.

Due to the sheer size of the coal mine, there exists great level differences on the site from large areas of digging and filling. With level differences of up to 70-80 meters in certain areas, the site poses a threat to the neighboring city development endangering the lives of locals and visitors.

Sorgun Ecopark will provide the town of Sorgun with an opportunity of economic revitalization and a renewal of social vitality. Considered one of the regions great resources, the healing thermal waters of Sorgun are highlighted in this project. Using these existing thermal waters, a program that encourages health tourism is incorporated into the project.


The masterplan program includes many functions such as a thermal hotel/spa, time-share housing, social facilities and outdoor sports fields, a festival area, a city park with walking areas and children's playground, an artificial lake, and a solar energy field. Wooden arcade elements are integrated throughout the site by following the slope of the land. The arcade expands and shrinks based on its location and proximity to different programs throughout the site,  thus creating a continuous relationship between each of the programmatic elements of the project.

The concept of the project was developed through the use of the existing contours and topography of the site to place the thermal hotel and the single story time-share residences within the site. By utilizing the existing contours, the design will minimize the need for additional digging and filling of the site.

The site is aimed to be self-sufficient, with the incorporation of wind turbines, solar panel field, recycling of water through collection pools, eco-agriculture fields that not only support agricultural production but also promote biodiversity, and a local bazaar that specializes in the local ecological products. Through the use of innovative and environmentally friendly architectural elements and methods, the project is intended to increase the energy savings throughout the site and be a more efficient and economically viable in the long run.



Location                                                               Yozgat, Turkey​


                                                                                Yeni Çeltek Coal and Mining Inc. Co.




Total Construction Area                            138.800 m²

Total Landscape Area                               1.140.410 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    RJ Models

Video Credits                                          Yeni Çeltek Coal and Mining Inc. Co

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture

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                                                             2016 LEAF Awards - Shortlisted in ‘Urban Design’ Category

                                                             2016 World Architecture Festival (WAF) Finalist in ‘Masterplanning Future’ 


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