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The concept is based on the radial positioning of building volumes towards the Vitosha mountain that is located at the south. The radial pattern takes its visionary idea from the logo of the Galaxy Development Investment. The radial composition is applied on the site and the resulting shape resembles that of a fan, which is an instrument for producing a current of air. 

The building blocks are aligned in parallel with this radial axis. They turn their view towards the south in order to enable the blocks benefit from the sunlight and mountain view. They are designed with diverse heights descending towards the Loft Tower, which is a cylindrical residential unit located at the center.

galaxy city radial.jpg

The façade typology differs like the heights of the blocks. Density of the development curtails that way. The wide spectrum of whites, beiges and browns dominate the façade color selection. The light-colored facade type surrounds the surfaces of the higher blocks while the brown colored facade is selected for the lower height blocks that are situated in between these higher units. The third type, which is designed with amalgamation of browns and is utilized for the cylindrical tower and the first two storeys of every residence block.

The radial axis is divided into stages of construction that resemble the slices of the folded fan. Each slice is situated on a different level. The stages are designed in parallel with the level differences. The construction stages follow these levels.   

galaxy city stages.jpg



The design offers a potential to attract inhabitants and users from various age groups. The hardscape and softscape elements are integrated at the site to enable diversity in the entertainment, residential and retail experience.  The urban plaza on the main road embraces all the people coming to the site. Retail units surrounding the entrance plaza takes the people to the lower plaza and to the forest. There are urban decks in which the residents can have a rest towards forest view. The bridges connecting the built volumes give visitors different vistas of the complex. Children enjoy in the playgrounds of some of which can also be designed for adults. A running and bicycle track is placed through the forest for the ones that would like to sustain their sports activity while experiencing the site. The repetition of building typologies enables the ease of construction while the planned development offers variety in the experience.




Location                                                 Sofia, Bulgaria


                                                             Galaxy Development Investment




Total Construction Area                            545.131 sqm                


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Ivabox

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