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Kayseri Chamber of Architects presentation

Kayseri Chamber of Architects organized an event and hosted Yazgan Design Architecture. Kerem Yazgan and Begüm Yazgan gave presentation about Yazgan's recent projects that are integrated with nature.

SHARE Sarajevo 2022

SHARE Bucharest 2022

Kerem Yazgan, Serdar Binzet (Civil Eng.), and Mehmet Okutan (Mechanical Eng.) were the speakers at the conference for specialists in healthcare architecture and design initiated by SHAREarchitects in Bucharest on the 30th of May. As one of the most important events in the Romanian and international healthcare sector, the conference was attended by architects, engineers, and medical technology consultants, as well as MEP consultants and hospital directors, with the aim of debating topics of current interest in the healthcare sector and offering concrete solutions by presenting case studies of hospitals in Europe and Turkey.

TEDU ARCH302 S22 Lecture_Yazgan Design Architecture.JPG

TEDU Flexible System Design Presentation

Kerem Yazgan and Begum Yazgan made a presentation at TED University Facult of Architecture on 22 March 2022. They explained the principles of Flexible System Design with various examples from different disciplines and Yazgan projects.

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YAPI ARCH Presentation

Begum Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan were the speakers at Yapı Arch online event. They presented the OIZ Office with the title of  

'Inner gardens instead of walls' 

Share Sofia 2021

Organized by SHARE Architects, SHARE Sofia 2021 was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 16. As one of the speakers, Kerem Yazgan give a presentation titled 'inner gardens instead of walls' in which he focused on integration of nature into architecture.

Balıkesir Üni. Sunum.jpeg

Balıkesir University Presentation

Begum Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan gave a presentation to the Balıkesir University about the 'Flexible System Design'. 

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Strelka & Architects rf. Presentation

Organized by Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, Architects rf. visited Turkey for the educational module of their program. Kerem Yazgan made a presentation for them; highlighting the Yazgan's key projects with the its philosophy 'Flexible System Design' and 'Knowledge of the Shadows'. 

Bursa Teknik Üni. Agora Sunum.jpeg

Bursa Technical University Agora Society

Organized by Bursa Technical University Agora Student Society, Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan made a presentation about the Architectural Design Process with the Yazgan's projects


METU Architectural Design Studio Presentation

Kerem Yazgan was the guest lecturer at METU Arch402 Architectural Design Studio. He presented the Yazgan's recent projects with his design approach titled "from the effect of shadows to the knowledge of shadows".

East Gate Masterclass-Poster Announcemen

Skopje East Gate Masterclass

Kerem Yazgan gave a lecture accompanied by an intro speech from two acclaimed Professors, i.e. Prof. Mishko Ralev from the School of Architecture and Design at UACS, and Prof. Mihajlo Zinoski from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje.

His presentation focused on explaining the theoretical rationale behind the advanced and integrative approach of Smart Project, using the example of the mixed-use development project, Skopje East Gate project by Yazgan Design Architecture.


WICONA Facade Conference

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan were the guest speakers with ARUP Turkey, Baymim and InnoBuild for the Wicona Facade Conference that was streamlined online from Ankara and Frankfurt on 8th April 2021.

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TED University Department of Architecture Professional Practice

Kerem Yazgan was the guest lecturer at TED University for the Professional Practice course in Department of Architecture. He presented the Yazgan Design Architecture as an architecture and research firm with its philosophy. 

itü mdk-poster.jpg

İstanbul Technical University MDK Presentation

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan had presentation to the student club in İstanbul Technical University about Flexible System Design.

bilkent hamamyolu.JPG

Bilkent University Hamamyolu Urban Deck Presentation

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan were the quest lecturers at Bilkent University Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Department. They presented the Hamamyolu Urban Deck within the course context: Coexintence