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Ankara Arena Sports Hall was built on a 46.000 sqm. land that belongs to the zone being reserved for sports activities through the master planning of the capital city. The 53.000 sqm. building was designed considering the particularities of urban life. The area is well-known for its crowd as it is close to such public spaces as the Main Stadium, Central Train Station, the Cer Modern Art Museum and the Fun Fair. For that, an urban plaza was developed in front of the building. Today, it functions as a meeting point and an event space for the city inhabitants. Moreover, a long pedestrian axis was proposed at the northwest side, which begins from the Ankara Cultural Center and ends at the Youth Park. The design was a candidate for the Mies Awards in 2011 and was awarded at the Cityscape in the same year.  

Due to the urban characteristic of the region, an extraverted design was sought rather than accomplishing an introverted typology, which is typical of most sport buildings. The transparent facade helped in this respect. It was designed with clear glass, white colored horizontal and orange colored vertical sunshades. A typical section was created for the facade that surrounds the buildilng in an elliptical direction. Moreover, there are terraces that are placed at different levels and that help to attain this extraverted effect in the design. The users of the terrace develop diverse visual relationships with the city.

Furthermore, a decrease in the volumetric effect was also targeted for the four storey building. Like the glass facade, the 15 m. cantilevered roof that becomes thinner as it approaces the eave helps to decrease the volumetric effect.

The main hall was surrounded with service spaces -such as  public toilets and dressing rooms- and the facade in the plan configuration. The entrances to the hall and the service spaces are defined not through doors, but through walls that are placed in parallel with each other and shifted in the x and y direction on the plan. The entrance walls are cladded with green and light orange architectural and signange elements. The visitor, which looks at the facade from the outside, can have different visual experiences when he/she focuses on these colored elements at the inside. He/she can experience an effect of phenomenal transparency -as  was defined in the architectural theoretician Colin Rowe's well-known article that was written in the 60s- when he/she visualizes the layered walls. 

Ankara Arena was opened in 2010 by hosting the game 5 of World Basketball Championship which was organized by FIBA, the Turkish Basketball Federation and the 2010 Organization Committee. Although the building was designed mainly for sports activities, it provides a space for such cultural activities, like concerts and congresses. The design was accomplisehd by following inclusive design principles; disabled, elderly people and families with children can easily use the building.












Location                                                  Altındağ, Ankara, Turkey

Land Area                                               46.000 


                                                                                Turkish Basketball Federation




Capacity                                                 10.400 people

Total Construction Area                            53.000 

Total Landscape Area                               32.450 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

Interior Design Project                             Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Probi Engineering

Mechanical Project                                   GMD Engineering

Electrical Project                                      GMD Engineering

Infrastructure Project                               Metehan Engineering

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture


Acoustical Design Consultant                    Prof. Dr. Mehmet Çalışkan - Mezzo Studio Architectural Acoustics

Design Consultant                                   Ersin Ersoy, Sport Concepts London


Construction Date                                   2010

Contractor                                              Türkerler Construction

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS                                      

                                                                                Yunus Özkazanç, Cemal Emden, E. Polat Demirtaş 2010    

PROJECT AWARDS                                                   

                                                                                2011 Nominee for European Union Prize Mies van der Rohe Award

                                                             2011 Cityscape Awards for Architecture, Dubai - 2nd Prize


                                                                               2012, Olympic Games Qualifiying for Women

                                                             2011, Elton John Concert

                                                             2010, FIBA World Championship


                                                                                 ‘A Discussion on Architecture in Today’s Turkey’ Conference

                                                              ‘Renew Your City, Renew Yourself’ Conference




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                                                             Çatı ve Cephe, September/October 2010

                                                             Yapı, January 2011

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                                                             Arredamento Mimarlık, March 2011

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                                                             Anbarapor, July 2011

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                                                             Anbarapor, November 2011

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                                                             İnşaat Dünyası, August 2014

                                                             İntes, September-October 2014


Arkitera Architecture Almanac, 2010

Architecture Competition Works, 2011

Public Cultural Buildings, 2012

Transportation and Sports Building, 2012

Architectural Material & Detail Structure / Glass, 2016

ATLAS* European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 1988-2015, 2016

Architekturführer: Ankara, 2016


                                                                                500-Piece-Booklet, January 2011

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