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palas campus


Palas Campus is an office building located on the Sf Andrei Street in Iasi, Romania, having 86.515 sqm construction area. The project is designed on an axis connecting Palatul Culturii and Bahlui River. Two main entrances of the building are located on this axis; one of them is from Sf. Andrei Street, the other one is from Buznea Street.

UBC Campus-06-K.jpg

The main idea behind the design of the project is to break the dominant impact of its volume. Therefore, the building is fragmented as base and different blocks on top. The building is composed of 5 blocks which are placed on a 4-storey base. These blocks are designed in different heights in accordance with the city silhouette.

The building facade consists of three main layers. At the bottom, the ground floor, on which transparency is emphasized without claddings; above transparent layer there is three-storey base level designed in different-sized grids cladded with light travertine. At the top, no coating is used to make the building more transparent but bronze aluminum caps are used to give the building a vertical effect. These caps will be illuminated outside working hours and verticality of the facade will be emphasized.

UBC Campus-11-K.jpg

In addition to these, the bridge that enables the transition between different blocks over the street axis, created at the entrance, is aimed to differentiate this part by covering it with wooden laths.

UBC Campus-03-K.jpg
palas campus interior



site plan-K.jpg




The Palas Campus project produced in Building Information Modeling, not only in its concept process but also in the construction drawings stage coordinated with the all disciplines.