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malatya inönü uni.


Malatya İnönü University Wellness Center is a supporting building for Malatya İnönü University with a 4.138 sqm land area. It situates in a close proximity to the university and works as an extension of its program. The project accommodates two movie theaters, cafeteria, fitness halls, two vip meeting halls, two staff multipurpose halls, restaurant and two private dining halls.

One of the design principals of the project is to divide the building into two to achieve coherent integrities within themselves/ as complementary functions working together such as fitness and cafeteria, and vip areas, multipurpose and exhibition halls and restaurant. Entrance to the building is provided through the space between the two masses and it is given a transparent volume to work as a foyer area. The masses take form according to the site and take reference from the street axis which extends into the building and creates the foyer area. The volumes have a particular form which allows them to create outer courts designed with landscape and water elements, and to have flexibility in the form. Technical and service areas are designed as a separate linear volume and attached to two main masses from the back, looking towards the northern side of the building.

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​Sustainability is one of the main design considerations of the project; therefore, green building design principals are incorporated into the design process from the beginning. The systems used in accordance with the development of green building are as such:

Passive Systems

High performance outer shell, glass and system choice according to that

High solar reflection value of the roof

Rainwater storage

Use of endemic plants with little water necessities in the landscape

Led use

Dimmable lighting systems

Use of recyclable materials in the construction

Minimizing the required energy for logistic by using local materials

Bicycle + electric car parking

Control Systems

Use of productive devices

Building automation

Consumption control with leakage detection

Energy Production

Heat recovery

Photovoltaic panels (PV panel)

Solar panels

malatya landscape




Location                                                 Malatya, Turkey

Land Area                                              


                                                                              Malatya İnönü University



PROJECT DATA                                   

Total Construction Area                            4.472 m²

Total Landscape Area                               10.337 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Mista Engineering

Mechanical Project                                   STM Engineering​

Electrical Project                                      RAM Engineering

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture


Fire Consultant                                        Perspektif

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