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“Knauf Arena,” was one of the largest temporary expositions of its kind. Consisting of a 10,000 sqm area, “Knauf Arena” was designed with a “built-up in 5-6 days, taken down in a day” concept in mind.  By re-creating the interior space of the Exhibition Hall at the CNR Exposition Center in Istanbul, Turkey, “Knauf Arena” became a platform with which Knauf, a world leader in construction materials, showcased their 1200 products by re-structuring them into 7 main categorical systems.

The design of the "arena" follows the new 7 categorical divisions of the company products by creating 7 color coded display stages topped with floating cone-like structures.  These structures encircle a multi-functional event plaza creating a 360 degree unobstructed view of the entire exhibition space. These autonomous stage-structures are connected through a continuous elevated promenade. The cone-like structures were formed through a design matrix in which they were separated based on category, function, and distortion. The cones are comprised of 3 layers of stretched PVC membrane. The interior white layer is used as a display showcase, while the middle black layer prevents the passage of the RGB LED lights to the interior. The exterior membrane is lit up with the RGB LED lights, signaling the 7 system categories of Knauf products.


Encircling the "arena" space is the 255 meter long product wall, displaying images of all 1200 products.  Along with this, the actual products were also put on display by means of a "product field," filling the spaces in between the product wall and the 7 platforms. In addition, there are 24 performance and demonstration rooms that frame the entire exhibition space.

With the colorful cone-like structures suspended in mid-air and the “product wall” hanging 3.5 meters off the ground the visitor’s visual field is never obstructed, supporting the ‘360 degree line of sight concept’ allowing the visitor to enjoy the exhibition from every angle and in its entirety.



Location                                                 İstanbul, Turkey

Land Owner                                            CNR


                                                                                Knauf Inc.




Total Construction Area                           10.000 m²


Interior Design Project                             Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture


Lighting Design Consultant                       Naveen Mehling – Compact Promotion


Construction Date                                   2012

Contractor                                              Potansiyel Construction


                                                                                Rüya İpek Balaban 2012



                                                                                2012-2013 A'Design Awards (Italy) - Interior & Exhibition Design-Bronze Award

                                                             2012 Arkiv Anthologies - Selected Project



​                                                                                4 Duvar Knauf, September 2012

                                                             Timkoder, July-September 2012

                                                             Arredamento Mimarlık, September 2012

                                                             İnşaat & Yatırım, September 2012

                                                             Best, September 2012

                                                             XXI, December-January 2013

                                                             Professional Lighting & Design Turkey, February 2013

                                                             Led & Lighting Magazine, February-March 2013

                                                             Arredamento Mimarlık, March 2013

                                                             İnşaat & Yatırım, Mart 2013

                                                             Yapı, November-December 2012

                                                             Tasarım, March 2013

                                                             Anbarapor, March 2013

                                                             İnşaat Dünyası, May 2013

                                                             Turkey İmsad Magazine, July 2013

                                                             4 Duvar Knauf, December 2013

                                                             Serbest Mimar, January 2014


​                                                                                A'Design Award & Competition: Winner Designs, 2012-2013


​                                                                                Knauf Arena, January 2013

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