While incorporating itself into one of the most culturally historical but underused streets in the Odunpazarı district in the heart of Eskisehir, the Hamamyolu Urban Deck provides a fresh and inviting perspective in the revitalization of an existing urban fabric. This 'green pedestrian axis'  which is composed of natural wood elements, lush green landscape elements, water features, and seating areas create a modern and vibrant meeting space that promotes movement from the Odunpazar Square to the Porsuk River.

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Hamamyolu Urban Deck is divided into 8 zones, each based on a specific theme, inspired by the urban fabric and social context of the site. The zones are namely; Access Road to Hicri Sezen Park (zone 1), Alaaddin Park (zone 2), Bowl Pool and Book Fair (zone 3),  Cafe&Seating Areas (zone 4), Ibrahim Karaoglanoglu Street Overpass and Museum Area (zone 5), Children's Playground and Exhibition Area (zone 6), Steam Pool and Seating Areas (zone 7), Ivy Forest (zone 8).


First of all, the overall design is concentrated on the connection between the Odunpazarı Square and the Porsuk River in an urban scale. The Urban Deck provides a continuous pedestrian axis between two districts, while preserving the historical and urban elements.

Secondly, with its many green elements, the Hamamyolu Urban Deck breathes a new life into an otherwise forgotten street in the Odunpazarı District, by creating a new urban green belt.  In addition to the existing trees; cube shaped Linden trees, an ivy forest, shrubs and many greenery elements are introduced, and connected with the existing green areas of Hicri Sezen and Alaaddin Parks, and Porsuk River.

One of the design principals is to create an uninterrupted urban deck along the axis, using only the recyclable wooden material. The urban deck not only moves visitors horizontally through the existing cityscape, but also creates vertical movement with various overpasses, underpasses, ramps, platforms, pools and seating areas. Thus it provides a different perspective in the experience of the urban fabric of the city.  

Hamamyolu  Museum

The other design principal is creating a linear urban axis which connects all of the zones. The urban axis is a 1.5 km long pedestrian path, with a linear led lighting located in the center.

On this glass axis, hand-made colorful glasses, which are locally produced in touristic old Odunpazarı region, are embedded in the white cement. Some of them are underlit at night. 


22.000 hand made glasses

The relationship between the urban deck and its surroundings is created by the urban links based on the existing passages and the streets in the district. One of the approaches to the area is to increase the number and variety of the cafe areas. Various types of cafes are square cafe, platform cafe, under-bridge café and small cafes.

One of the aims of the urban deck is to provide a fun environment, containing numbers of different playgrounds for different age ranges. Other than the playgrounds and the facilities designed particularly for children, the urban deck itself turns into a playground for everyone with its three-dimensional elements.

In the Hamamyolu Urban Deck, various water elements are designed to make visitors feel relaxed. Four types of pools are proposed, each have different types and forms of movement: bowl pool, stone pools, bank pools and steam pool. This steam pool gives reference to the Turkish baths, ‘Hamam’ where the site name comes from.

The urban deck also serves as an exhibition space: the wooden sculptures from the Odunpazarı International Wooden Sculpture Festival will be on display, each in a particular area related to its concept.

Lighting elements are specially designed for the urban deck. Bronze stainless steel plates are proposed to hang in the existing trees, to reflect the spot lights located at the base. Besides, street lights are also designed to be used in the parking lot and the shopping streets.



Location                                                 Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Turkey

Land Owner                                            Odunpazarı Municipality


                                                                               Odunpazarı Municipality




Total Construction Area                           1.050 m²

Total Landscape Area                              25.000m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    Yazgan Design Architecture

Structural Project                                    Erduman Engineering

Mechanical Project                                  STM Engineering

Electrical Project                                     RAM Engineering

Infrastructure Project                              MPK Engineering

Landscape Design Project                        Yazgan Design Architecture

Irrigation Project                                     Pegasu Engineering


Construction Date                                    2016-2018

Contractor                                              Atlas Construction


                                                                            2018 Yunus Özkazanç

                                                             2018 Soner Şimşek

                                                             2018 Odunpazarı Municipality


2016 World Architecture Festival (WAF) - Finalist in ‘Civic-Future’ category 

2017 Leaf Awards – Finalist in ‘Developer and Development Project of the Year’ category

2017 WAN Awards – Long Listed in ‘Urban Design-Future’ category

2017 13th City and Life Prize Award- Best Historical Regeneration Project

2017 Leaf Awards – 'Urban Design Project of the Year' Award

2018 World Architecture Festival (WAF) - Finalist in ‘Urban-Landscape Projects’ category 

2018 Architizer A+ Awards – Special Mention

2018 World Architecture Community 28th Cycle for WA Awards - Selected Project

2018 Cityscape Awards - Winner in ‘Community & Culture Project Award’ Category 

2019 Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice 13th Architecture Awards- 'Building' category – Winner

2019 Turkish Architecture Yearbook 2018 - Selected Project

2019 The Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award- 'Urban Planning/Landscape' category- Winner

2019 Aga Khan for Architecture - Nominated Project




                                                               Serbest Mimar, September 2016                                                                           

                                                                Anbarapor, October 2016

                                                               Arredamento, June 2018

                                                               XXI, June 2018

                                                               Gayrimenkul, June 2018

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