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2019: Voronet Lila Hotel, Suceava, ROMANIA, 2.113 m²

2019:  Middle East Technical University, Turkish Armed Forces and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries Joint Venture Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) Research and Development Center Renovation, Ankara, TURKEY, 1.500 m²

2019-: Aspilsan Battery Company Headquarters and Production Facility, Kayseri, TURKEY, 23.407 m²

2019-2021: Aselsan Konya Weapon Systems Company Headquarters and Production Facility, TURKEY, 62.762 m²

2019: Tower A Office, Iasi, ROMANIA, 77.146 m²

2019: Palas Cinema and Entertainment Building, Iasi, ROMANIA, 7.254 m²

2019-2020: UBC7 Business Center, Iasi, ROMANIA, 24.065 m²

2019-2021: Palas Campus, Iasi, ROMANIA, 84.177 m²

2019: Amahoro Stadium Complex, Kigali, RWANDA, 42.000 m²

2019: Eswatini Stadium, SWAZILAND 42.582 m²

2019-: Qatar MMC Hospital, Doha, 85.075 m²

2019: Demirkoy Visitor Center and Kinay House, Kırklareli, TURKEY, 1.336 m²

2019-2020: Aselsan Radar, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Systems (REHIS) Golbasi Campus Annex Buildings, Ankara, TURKEY, 75.100 m²

2019-: Lagos Arena Multi-Functional Sports and Entertainment Complex, NIGERIA, 25.600 m²

2019: Teknohab Aerospace Technology Development Area Management Office, Ankara, TURKEY, 7.339 m²

2019: Football Complex, Algiers, ALGERIA, 17.800 m²

2019: Golf Resort and Golf Club Algiers, ALGERIA, 18.000 m²

2019: Lycée Charles de Gaulle Sports and Recreation Complex, Ankara, TURKEY, 16.335 m²

2019: Akzirve Ambarlar Mixed Use Residential, Office and Retail Complex Invited Competition Istanbul, TURKEY, 428.779 m²

2019: Eczacibasi Headquarters Entrance Hall Interior and Landscape Design, Levent, Istanbul, TURKEY, 300 m²

2019: Pristina Mixed Use Hotel, Office and Retail Complex, KOSOVO, 32.987 m²

2019: Bodrum Turkbuku Villas, Mugla, TURKEY, 69.624 m²

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