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2020: Forest Houses, Katon Karagay, KAZAKHSTAN, 62.808 m²

2020-: East Gate TEG Shopping Mall and Extension Building, Tirana, ALBANIA, 12.605 m²

2020: Golf Villas, Aktau, KAZAKHSTAN, 40.000 m²

2020: Galaxy City Residential and Retail Complex Invited Competition, Sofia, BULGARIA, 442.610 m²

2020-: Heper Lighting Company Headquarters and Production Facility Interior, Façade, Lighting and Landscape Design, Ankara, TURKEY, 3.700 m²

2020: Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Center International Design Competition, ROMANIA, 27.000 m²

2020: Kigali Military Hospital, RWANDA, 70.323 m²

2020-: Gulf GRC Company Headquarters Interior Design, Doha, QATAR, 1.000 m²

2020-: Yubileyny Ice Hockey Arena and Shopping Mall, UZBEKISTAN, 41.121 m²

2020: Marina Shopping Mall and Residential Complex, Doha, QATAR, 125.844 m²

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