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Located in the heart of Konya, Turkey, The Konya Food & Agriculture University is the first specialized University in its field in Turkey, goes beyond a typical university campus with its highly mixed use program. Not only does the campus provides services to students and faculty, but also provides facilities and resources to scientists, entrepreneurs and the local public as well. The campus is divided into three zones: the educational and research zone (Zone 1), the residential and social zone (Zone 2), and the 'techno-city' zone (Zone 3).  Zone 1 contains the School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, the School of Engineering, the School of Management and Social Sciences, a Preparatory School, a Vocational School, and the University Administration. Zone 2 contains the cultural and convention center, the library, the sports complex, the dining hall, faculty lodging, and student dormitories. Zone 3 or the 'Techno-city' contains the center for research and development, offices and laboratories.

The two existing roads that cut through the campus are used as the main axis for the circular landscape rings of Zone 1. Moving inward from the outermost ring, each ring is slightly lowered to create a green bowl effect. The six buildings located in this zone are designed around their own courtyards and are then arranged in a circular formation to create a central courtyard. There is a play on the courtyard architectural typology in two scales; one in the building scale, and one in the campus scale. Under this central courtyard is a cistern/museum that is not only used for the recycling of water, but is also open to the public. The buildings are also elevated off the ground in order to create an uninterrupted visual connection across the campus at the ground floor level. With its open and semi-open spaces, this 'free public space' allows for the free movement of its visitors and is the location of many of the campus activities.



Inspired from ‘derivé’ by the situationist theorist Guy Debord


With its multitude of sustainable features such as green roofs, a solar panel field, rainwater collection and large green landscape, the campus aims for LEED Certification as a 'green campus'. The campus also promotes a healthier lifestyle through a pedestrian and bicycle oriented design with its many pathways, bike racks, and electrical vehicle charge stations.




Location                                                 Meram, Konya, Turkey

Land Owner                                            Konya Şeker Inc.


                                                                                Konya Şeker Inc.




Total Construction Area                            180.000 m²

Total Landscape Area                               22.960 m²


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    RJ Models

Structural Project                                    Erduman Engineering

Mechanical Project                                   Okutan Engineering

Electrical Project                                      Yurdakul Engineering​

Infrastructure Project                               Diyap Project

Landscape Design Project                         Yazgan Design Architecture

Irrigation Project                                     Pegasu Engineering


Fire Consultant                                        Karina

Green Building Consultant                        ECOBUILD


Construction Date                                    2015-2016

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS                                      

                                                                                Yunus Özkazanç 2017  


                                                                          2015, World Architecture Festival (WAF), Future Education - Finalist

                                                             2018, Turkish Architecture Yearbook - Selected Project


                                                                               ‘Building the Cities of Future’ Conference, SAIE Ankara, 14 May 2015

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