Daha Fazla Göster


The Kigali Arena is a multi-purpose hall with 10.000 spectator capacity in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.  The Arena mainly hosts sports activities (basketball, futsal, tennis, volleyball, handball) as well as social activities (concerts and congresses). The total construction area is 28.620 sqm.


The design of Kigali Arena is based on the geometrical reference of vernacular architecture of Rwanda as a reminder and a signage for inhabitants. “Imigongo” is one of the most significant traditional patterns including spiral and geometric motives that are painted on walls, pottery, and canvas. The Arena design reflects the power of this rich cultural heritage via direct usage of Imigongo patterns on façade in a bold manner. It is expected to welcome the inhabitants with a sense of familiarity and vivacity. The patterns are implemented on the glass façade as a shell, which brings a depth of view while the shadows of the patterns give rhythm to the main circulation.

Kigali Arena is a world class sports facility delivered with respect for its local community and culture, and contributes to the improvement the lives of future generations in Rwanda.