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The competition is about designing the Konyaalti sea front. This seven kilometer long coast is one of the well-known touristic destinations in the city of Antalya, Turkey. Surrounded by the Meditarrenean sea from the south, Konyaaltı coast has a  420.000 sqm of land. 

In the design, Konyaalti is considered as an "Urban Waterfront Park" with its green areas that are reserved to different activities. This "Urban Beach Park" is separated into three zones of "Beach", "Square" and "Park". The first zone consists of four different parks which are named as Eco Park, Cool Park, Botanical Park and Sports Park.


The second zone is the "Square". The intersection of Dumlupinar Boulevard at the north and south axis and a portion of the coast at the west and east axis determine a natural nodal point for the placement of a square. This square is designed as a meeting point and a touristic center. It provides a vast space for festive activities. In the square, a panaromic observation tower in the shape of a modern lighthouse helps the visitors to develop a visual relation with such natural and man-made treasures as Toros mountains, Antalya Castle, forests, cliffs and the Meditarrenean sea. The square ends with an open cinema that is placed on a sea platform.  

The third zone consists of five different parks, which are named as Children's Park, Art Park, Music Park, Gourmet Park and Aquapark. 

The parks are naturally separated by streets and artefacts of the city, green areas or water features in the vertical direction. Pedestrian walkways, bicycle roads and the tram line connects all the zones. The circulation axis provides a platform for such activities as skateboarding, running, walking, cycling, pet touring, resting and vice versa. The cirulation route conforms to universal design criteria; it is planned with an inclusive approach.  In addition, the width and flooring of the tram line are sized and designed in such a way that an ambulance or service vehicle can be used for emergency use.

This park is designed as not only a permeable interface that develops the relations between the city and the coast in the vertical direction, but also a space that  is composed of integral parts that is connected to each other by a circulation axis from one end to the other in the horizontal direction.  



With its vast landscape, the seven kilometer long “Urban Waterfront Park” design creates a lush green background along the Antalya shoreline. Comprised of a variety of parks with different architectural programmatic elements and functions, approximately 80% of the project consists of landscape elements. The vast variety of plants that are endemic to Antalya and the coastal region are distributed among all of the different parks.

konyaaltı landscape




Location                                                 Antalya, Turkey


                                                                                Antalya Metropolitan Municipality




Total Landscape Area                               420.000 m² - 7 km Waterfront


Architectural Project                                Yazgan Design Architecture

3D Image Credits                                    RJ Models

Landscape Design Project                        Yazgan Design Architecture

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