Denizli Chamber of Architects Presentation

Denizli Chamber of Architects hosted Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan at their youtube channel on 1st July. They made a presentaion and talk about 'flexible system design'.

Demirkoy Visitor Center and Kinay House-

World Architecture Community Awards 34th Cycle

Yazgan Design Architecture is awarded at World Architecture Community Awards 34th Cycle with its project "Demirköy Visitor Center and Kınay House" in designed projects category by both jury and community members.

Future Sense of Architecture Live Webinar

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan were speakers at the Future Sense of Architecture live webinar on 23rd June 2020. Ornanized by Yapı Communication, the conference was concentrated on the Smart Buildings within the theme of Future of Architecture. 


Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital has started to operate

Arch.Futures live video series: "how to produce"

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan joined the live video series of arch.futures instagram platform with Murat Sönmez. Within the theme of Future of Architecture, they focused on the "how to produce?" topic. 

SHARE Ljubljana 2020 Live Webinar Pre-Event

Due to Covid-19 situation, the "SHARE Ljubljana 2020" event was postponed to summer and SHARE Architects have organized live webinar series before the actual events. This year the theme is "Transforming the world through architecture" and the webinars are focused on the architecture in a post pandemic era. 

Kerem Yazgan and Begüm Yazgan were speakers at the Share Ljubljana 2020 live webinar on 16th April. They made a presentation titled "paradox of architecture in post-pandemic era". After the presentation they join the debate with Pepe Gascon from the Pepe Gascon Architects and Sven Thorissen form the MVRDV.

Vanceva World of Color Awards 2020

Dakar Arena is competing in the "Vanceva World of Color Awards 2020". You can vote for the project from the link below:

Bilkent Women Entrepreneurs Project

Begüm Yazgan was a speaker on 10th March for the event of Women Entrepreneurship Project at Bilkent University. The event is organized by Bilkent Young Entrepreneurs Society with the aim of emphasizing women's role in business life. 

World Architecture Community Awards 33rd Cycle

Yazgan Design Architecture is awarded at World Architecture Community Awards 33rd Cycle with its project "Voronet Lila Hotel" 

in designed projects category.

Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice (TSMD) Student Committee

Yazgan Design Architecture hosted the Student Committe of the Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice. Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan made a presentation in the office about the design philosophy of Yazgan while explaining the idea behing their projects.

1 Mimar 1 Mekan YDA Center

Orhanized by DAS Bilkent Student Club, "1 Mimar 1 Mekan" [1 Architect 1 Place] was held in YDA Center with Kerem Yazgan on 21th December. He explained the idea behind the project with the presentation first and then he showed the architectural details of it while touring.

City in a City

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan presented the collaborative project 'Merkez Ankara' together with Ali Osman Öztürk and Orçun Ersan, and they discussed about the mixed use projects under the topic: city in a city. 

"How to Design your Future" Conference 

Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan were speakers in the conference, "How to Design your Future", at Bilkent University on 14th December. They made a presentation and attend a panel discussion with Ali Osman Öztürk and Neşet Güne. 

Share Talks Iasi

Kerem Yazgan was a speaker at Share Talks Iasi, under the topic of Transforming The Cities Through Architecture with Sanjay Puri, Pepe Gascon, Matei Bogoescu and Vlad Tenu on 15th November 2019. Through the Yazgan Design's new projects in Iasi, he made a presentation about his design philosophy with the examples from different disciplines.

Share X Bucharest.jpg

SHARE X Bucharest 2019

Kerem Yazgan was the keynote speaker on 15th November in Bucharest, at Share X Conference for Advanced Architecture. He made a presentation named "Flexible Systems in Architectural Design & Knowledge of the Shadows". The presentation was about; discovering and analyzing the flexible design systems in different disciplines from art, music, nature to architecture, and explaining the Yazgan's design philosophy with its projects. Then he will focus on the knowledge-based architecture with regard to Yazgan's new approach to innovative design.

Müzakere Üslup WAF Seçkileri Üzerinden.j

Arch Meeting Ankara / 01.10.2019

Kerem Yazgan was a speaker in the discussion with Mert Eyiler and Dicle Demircioğlu on 1 November at Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum. He made a presentation named "naturality of architecture" and they talked about the methods of architectural production in their practice through the finalist projects of World Architecture Festival 2019.


Arch Meeting Adana / 11.10.2019

Kerem Yazgan was a speaker in the panel discussion under the topic of 'Uniqueness in Architecture'. He made a presentation named 'déjà - vu' and compared the 'Uniqueness in Nature' with architecture, stated that the knowledge based architecture should be our aim through this.


Middle East Technical University Presentation / 07.10.2019

Kerem Yazgan and Begüm Yazgan presented the Hamamyolu Urban Deck at the Middle East Technical University 3rd year architectural design studio working on Eskişehir for their project in this semester.

TED University Presentation / 04.10.2019

Begüm Yazgan gave a lecture about her PhD Thesis on Ecology and explained how Yazgan Design Architecture applies these theories into their practice, at the TED University 4th year architectural design studio.

Yazgan-Longosphere Glamping_Cityscape Fi

Cityscape Global Awards 2019

Yazgan Design Architecture is finalist with its project "Longosphere İğneada Glamping" at Cityscape Awards in Leisure& Hospitality category.
Award ceremony and gala dinner took place in Dubai on 25th September.]

Kigali Arena Opening-01.JPG

Kigali Arena

Kigali Arena, the biggest multi-purpose sports hall of Rwanda with 10.000 visitors capacity, opened on 9 August 2019.

LEAF Awards 2019

Yazgan Design Architecture is finalist with its two projects at LEAF Awards 2019.

Ankara Aerospace Specialized Industrial Zone Administrative Office is shortlisted in Best Future Building category and Dakar Arena is shortlisted in Best Public Building category. Award Ceremony will be held in Berlin on 24th October.

Bursa City Hospital has started to operate! / 16.07.19

merkez ankara showroom-inside finalist 2

World Festival of Interiors INSIDE 2019

Yazgan Design Architecture is finalist with its project 'Merkez Ankara Showroom' in the INSIDE Awards in which interior design projects compete, as a part of World Architecture Festial (WAF).
WAF and INSIDE will be held in Amsterdam on 4-6 December 2019.

World Architecture Festival 2019

Yazgan Design Architecture is finalist in the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2019 with its two projects: İğneada Glamping in Leisure Led Development Future Project category and METU Coworking & Cafeteria in Education Future Project category.
WAF, will be held in Amsterdam on 4-6 December 2019.

architizer-metu coworking &

Archtizer A+ Awards 2019

Yazgan Design Architecture is a finalist with its project "Middle East Technical University Coworking & Cafeteria" in the Architizer A+ Awards for the Unbuilt Institutional category.

hamamyolu-chicago athenaeum.jpg

12th award to Hamamyolu: 2019 International Architecture Award

Yazgan Design Architecture is awarded with its projects 'Hamamyolu Urban Deck' at the International Architecture Awards organized by The Chicago Athenaeum, in the  Urban Planning / Landscape Architecture category. 
The award ceremony and the exhibition will be held in Athens on 13th September.