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With the ONS INCEK Residences project, Yazgan Design Architecture is a finalist at the WAF 2014 Awards.

With the ONS INCEK Residences project, Yazgan Design Architecture is a finalist at the world renowned WAF (World of Architecture Festival)  2014 Awards.  The WAF Awards will be hosted by the London based i2i Events Group in Singapore on October 1-3. Yazgan Design Architecture will compete in the 'Future Residential' category with their ONS INCEK Residences project.


Yazgan Design Architecture was deemed worthy of 2 prizes in the 2014 International Property Awards.

Yazgan Design Architecture has been chosen to receive awards for a second time in the 2014 European Property Awards,  after their awards in 2012 for the Tarsu Shopping Mall and Entertainment center and Yenigün Ofis building. The European Property Awards is  a subcategory of the most prestigious real estate awards, the International Property Awards.  Yazgan Design Architecture will receive awards for their ONS INCEK Residences and Tema Istanbul Showroom Landscape projects in the Gala Awards night held on October 14th.


Yazgan Design Architecture is in the long list with 2 projects in the 2014 WAN Metal in Architecture Awards.

Yazgan Design Architecture is participating in the Metal in Architecture Section of the 2014 WAN Awards,  with the Tema Istanbul Showroom and Aselsan Golbası Campus projects.  Now in its sixth year, the WAN AWARDS has evolved into one of the world's largest architectural awards programs with participation from over 72 countries. 


BlackBox Istanbul opened its doors on June 19th with Travis!

Designed by Yazgan Design Architecture, BlackBox Istanbul is located in Uniq Istanbul (Ayazağa Culture Center), which is designed by ERA Planning Architecture Consulting. BlackBox Istanbul is on its way to becoming one of Europe's distinct entertainment facilities. BlackBox Istanbul opened with Travis on June 19th and was followed up by Bob Dylan on June 20th and the Pixies on June 24th. The superior sound quality achieved through the acoustic infrastructure of BlackBox Istanbul  is receiving lots of attention and praise.

Photographs taken during the concerts given at BlackBox Istanbul capture extraordinary moments. As seen in the image, the audience added extra color and excitement to the concert by opening their umbrellas in accompaniment to the 'Why does it always rain on me'  piece by Travis.

All proceeds of the events during the month of June will be donated to SOMA. (


The sales office of the Luxury Residences of 'ONS INCEK,' designed by Yazgan Design Architecture, opened on May 31st!

Artfully placed in 15,000m2 of manicured landscape, 'ONS İNCEK' is a luxury residential project consisting 3 colorful towers containing 992 residences. Encircling the 5,500m2 amenities complex that contains 45 different amenities, the 41, 43, and 45 floor towers consists of 3, 4, and 5 winged floor plans. These differentiating floor plans contain 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 residential plan options. 


The Aselsan Rehis Campus Project was selected in the 14th cycle of the 20+10+X World Architecture Community Awards

Designed by Yazgan Design Architecture, the Aselsan Rehis Campus was one of the 19 projects awarded in the 14th cycle through a rating system of all members and votes of the Honorary Members.  Situated in Gölbaşı-Ankara, the 90.000m2 Aselsan Rehis Campüs, is composed of diverse buildings such as: offices, procurement facilities, and a social center.  The buildings found in the campus are held to the utmost international standards and are designed to respond to multiple technical and engineering requirements.  These diverse buildings are connected to each other through a 18.65 m high steel arcade that continues for 585 meters. While connecting the otherwise singular buildings, the arcade also develops a relationship with the Konya road that runs parallel to the site in terms of scale, speed, and distance. The landscape design of the project becomes a part of the overall architectural design incorporating such elements as shadow, color, rhythm, and texture. 


The Luxury Residences of 'ONS INCEK, ' were introduced during a press release held in the sales office on May 23rd.

The press release held in the sales office was conducted by the founder of Yazgan Design Architecture, Kerem Yazgan, the ONS Construction board member, Tuna Atalay, the ONS Construction Coordinator, Tuğrul Balaban, and the ONS Construction Marketing and Sales Manager, Emre Balaban. As one of Ankara's most favored residential projects, the ONS Incek Residences project was presented to members of the press. Along with the presentation, the questions of the press were answered and the sample apartments were toured. 

Ministry of National Education competition

Yazgan Design Architecture won first place in the Bursa-Nilüfer group in the campus design competition

A total of 156 architects/design teams were invited to compete in the preselected National Educational Campus Design Competition that was opened on November 30th 2012 by the Ministry of National Education. Out of the 156 competitors,  the 48 groups that competed in the first round and the 72 groups that competed in the second round were invited by the Ministry of National Education to compete, while the remaining qualified 36 groups will compete in third round of the competition. 
Yazgan Design Architecture was one of the 6 design teams that competed in the second round of the competition in the city of Bursa-Nilüfer and won first place with their design proposal. 
The foundation of the overall  design approach to the educational campus of Bursa-Nilüfer is the systematic relationship created between the educational facilities and the proposed "courtyard-street." Separated into 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, each autonomous educational block is formed around a courtyard while also being connected to each other through a "street." The campus design consists of approximately 100.000 m2 and contains 400 classrooms that serves 10.000 students.  The design proposal, with its architectural, spatial, and structural elements strives to not only be a part of educational  practice, but also make great contributions to education as well.  
A'Design Bronze Award - Knauf Arena

Yazgan Design Architecture Has Won The “A’Design Bronze Award” With “Knauf Arena"

Yazgan Design Architecture that has prominent projects both in Turkey and in the international arena, was granted to an "A’Design Award.” “Knauf Arena” which was designed by Yazgan Design Architecture and realized in last October, received an “A’Design Bronze Award” in the category of “Interior Space and Exhibition Design.” Begüm Yazgan and Kerem Yazgan received their award within the awards ceremony held in Como, on 14 April 2013.

Consisting of a 10,000 m² area “Knauf Arena” was one of the largest temporary expositions of its kind.  Knauf’s product line consists of over 1200 products and over 150 ‘systems’ comprising of these products. With their re-structuring in mind, Knauf separated these products into 7 different expertise categories.  Designing a method with which to display the products and systems, Yazgan Design focused on the idea of a 360 degree un-obscured view of the entire interior. Besides, lighting design of the space which was realized by German Lighting Designer Naveen Mehling, allowed the visitors to enjoy the exhibition from every angle and in its entirety. 

Two Projects, Two Awards

Yazgan Design Architecture Has Received Two Awards In "The European Property Awards 2012"

Yazgan Design Architecture has received “Best Retail Architecture Award” both in Turkey and in Europe with Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center project and “Highly Commended Award”  with Yenigün Construction Headquarters project in the “European Property Awards 2012” which is one of the most prestigious property awards in Europe. The best developments, architecture and interior design from across the length and breadth of Europe were celebrated at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center project will compete with the other regional awarded projects from Arabia, Asia Pacific, Africa, the UK and the America as a part of “The International Property Awards 2012”. Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center is developed by Corio. The architectural design of the project was realized by Altoon Partners and the architectural project was realized by Yazgan Design Architecture.

Arkiv Anthologies 2012

"Knauf Arena" Project Was Granted To Take Part In Arkiv Anthologies 2012

“Knauf Arena”, designed by Yazgan Design Architecture was granted to take part in Arkiv Anthologies 2012. Arkiv Anthologies 2012, held by Arkitera Architecture Center, aims to certify constructed buildings in 2012. “Knauf Arena” will be displayed on the exhibition during the “ArkiPARC 2013” between 10-11 April 2012.

By re-creating the interiorspace of the exhibition hall, “Knauf Arena” became a platform with which Knauf, a world leader in construction materials, showcased their re-branding and re-structuring efforts through the display and demonstration of their new products. “Knauf Arena,” was one of the largest temporary expositions of its kind.

Consisting of a 10,000 m² area, “Knauf Arena” was designed with a “built-up in 5-6 days, taken down in a day” concept in mind. Designing a method with which to display the products and systems, Yazgan Design focused on the idea of a 360 degree un-obscured view of the entire interior. 

Ankara Arena Has Won the 2nd Prize in 'Cityscape Awards'

Yazgan Design Architecture Has Won The 2nd Prize In "Cityscape Awards For Architecture In The Emerging Markets"

Yazgan Design Architecture has won the 2nd Prize in “Cityscape Awards for Architecture in the Emerging Markets” with Ankara Arena Multi Functional Sports Hall in the category of “Community Built” works, in the status of “Highly Commended”.

Ankara Arena which was previously selected as nominee of the Mies van der Rohe Awards has got one more award during the Gala Dinner held on 27th of September, in Dubai, organised within the “Cityscape Global 2011” which rewards architectural firms with their works achieved in diverse categories in terms of their design quality, performance and vision.

Ankara Arena Sports Hall which hosted lots of important organisations like 2010 World Basketball Championship, continously present its importance for Capital-Ankara and for Turkey.

Tarsu Is Opened

Tarsu Shopping And Entertainment Center Is Opened In Tarsus

Corio, which is one of the leading investment companies in Europe with a 7.5 billion Euros portfolio, has opened it’s 7th Shopping and Entertainment Center in Tarsus. Architectural Design of the project was realized by Altoon Partners and Architectural Project was realized by Yazgan Design Architecture. The project was assessed with the degree "Very Good" - the highest ranking of all buildings in Turkey- by BREEAM International.

Element of "Water" is the main concept of the design of Tarsu Shopping and Entertainment Center and defined as “a place where water turns in to pleasure”. Tarsu will be an inimitable entertainment and living space for the local people, with it’s 27.700 m² rentable areas, national and international brands, easy access and exciting architectural design.

1st Prize in Expo 2012 Korea

1st Prize in EXPO 2012 Korea, Ark Group – Turkey Pavilion Invited Design Competition

Expo, which is held by Bureau International des Expositions (International Exhibitions Bureau) since 1851 as a meeting point of world cultures and histories, will take place in South Korea in 2012. Exposition has the theme of international and regional scaled Ocean protection, commitment, exploring and supporting environmental problems. Yazgan Design Architecture has won the 1st Pirze in Expo 2012 Korea, Ark Group-Turkey Pavilion Invited Design Competition, with it’s “Rhythm Cube” themed project.

Modsim&Arena are nominiees for Mies Van Der Rohe Awards

Modsim & Arena Buildings are Nominees for Mies Van Der Rohe Awards

2011 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award nominees was unveiled on December 2010. Two projects of the Yazgan firm were selected as nominees of the award, which is granted every two years by the European Union and organized by the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona. The Foundation offers a reward for architects around Europe for their outstanding contribution to innovative architectural ideas. It aims at the development of a cultural understanding of the role of architects in shaping urban context. Nominees are selected through an investigation of independent experts from all over Europe and European architectural associations. The two projects of Yazgan firm, which are declared as nominees, are Middle East Technical University Modsim Simulation and Research Center and Ankara Arena Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, respectively.

Modsim building has a double program; simulation and research center. Although these two different programs do not mix in terms of circulation, they are designed in such a way that they can be integrated in the future. In order to gain this flexibility in the programmatic development, the plan development is interrelated with a grid in the third dimension. The whole structural system and the components that make up of the building are located through a 7m x 7m. main grid and a 1.4m. x 1.4m. secondary grid. A matrix is formed through that development.

The other nominee, Ankara Arena Hall, is designed mainly for sports activities, such as, basketball, volleyball, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, etc. Furthermore, the building can harbor such cultural activities like concerts and congresses. It meets all the design criteria put out by FIBA (International Basketball Federation). Furthermore, it follows universal design principles; disabled and elderly people, and families with children can easily access and circulate throughout the building. There are private lodges for the disabled. The tribunes are designed via the development of parabolic sections in order to develop an equal angle of vision for every audience. A significant landscape planning was developed, with a considerable amount of tree, for not only the area itself, but also the surrounding approach routes.

Modsim is in First 50 in WA Awards

Modsim Building is in First 50 for World Architecture Awards

World Architecture is an online community initiated by Süha Özkan. The Honorary members are those who are involved in architectural theory and practice. World Architecture Community Awards highlights and publishes significant architectural works that gives way to the reconsideration of contemporary architectural environment. The award draws attention to the gap between theory and practice in architectural works and rewards those which give way a discourse. Middle East Technical University Modsim Simulation and Research Center was awarded as one of the 50 top rated projects in the WA Awards 7th cycle, through a procedure in which all member's ratings and the votes of all Honorary Members are effective in the final decisions.

Designography Presentations

Yazgan Design Met with the Students of Architecture

Yazgan Design Architecture was presented to the students of architecture though diverse conferences held at the universities in various cities of Turkey.

The first one was on 9 December 2009 in Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. Kerem Yazgan hosted the event at Kubbealtı Hall. He introduced MODSIM Research and Simulation Center building to the audience. After the meeting, the audience visited the building, which is located at the Technopark of METU under Kerem Yazgan's supervision.

The second one was in Başkent University Hall, Ankara, Turkey, on April 2010. Kerem Yazgan, which was one of the guest speakers at the event, briefly presented the recent works of Yazgan Design Architecture to the audience. He emphasizes how the ideas he developed in his PhD thesis, “Designography of Architecture”, was reflected to his work.

The fourth one was at the Chamber of Architects Meeting Hall in Denizli, Turkey, on 24 September 2010. In the conference, Kerem Yazgan mentioned that his research on “design acts” for his PhD thesis helped in developing a design approach in which he applied in various projects realized in Yazgan firm.

The sixth one was on 13 May 2011, at Gazi University Yükseliş Hall, Ankara, Turkey. Kerem Yazgan mentioned about his practices on “design process” and answered the questions addressed by the students within “Was a dream…then? Conversations” activity which is coordinated by the students of Department of Architecture.

The seventh one was on 8 March 2012, at Osmangazi University in Eskişehir, Turkey. Kerem Yazgan met with the students with in the context of presentation including all the projects realized by Yazgan Design Architecture and the competition experiences. Presentation became more usefull by the questions of students.

The next presentation is held on 18 May 2012 at Middle East Technical University with the keen participation of students. Kerem Yazgan explained how Designography is applicable for urban scale. He used different examples and projects realized by Yazgan Design Architecture.

Tenth presentation launched by Arhitekst Company and Oris architecture and culture magazine under the name of 'Days of Oris'. Pritzker Prize holder Glenn Murcutt (Australia), Francisco Mangado (Spain),Idis Turato (Croatia), Toma Plejic (Croatia), Brigitte Weber (Turkey), Kerem Yazgan (Turkey), and Han Tümertekin (Turkey) presented their recent architectural practices and experiences.

The next presentation is held on 15 Nov 2012 at Middle East Technical University with the participation of fourth year students. Kerem Yazgan presented his research on “designography of architecture” by various applied projects.

The presentation is held on 14 December 2012 at Tevfik Fikret High School. Phd. Architect Kerem Yazgan presented his ideas and experiences. Also, he has informed the students about the design philosophy and the projects  realized by Yazgan Design Architecture.

The next panel which aims to enlighten students about Innovation and Entrepreneurship In Design, is held on 26 April 2013 at Eskisehir Anadolu University. Kerem Yazgan presented his experinces and opinions based on his design philosophy and his projects.

As a extention of its original series of exhibits, the "TSMD / Koleksiyon Hosts Architects" continues to exhibit across  various universities in Turkey. On November 26th, 2013,  the 8th exhibit  was held  at Erciyes University presenting HAYAL GÜCÜ DESİGN / YAZGAN DESIGN ARCHITECTURE. Prof. Kerem Yazgan gave a presentation on his design philosophy and also discussed various projects realized by Yazgan Design Architecture.  

The presentation was held on 10 March 2014 at the Atılım University, Faculty of Design, Fine Arts and Architecture, Ankara, Turkey. Kerem Yazgan of Yazgan Design Architecture gave a presentation to Prof. Dr. Ahmet Haluk Pamir and his students. In part of his presentation, Kerem Yazgan talked about his theory titled “Designography” through the use of systematic examples. During the remaining portion of the presentation, as it related to the topic of term projects of the students, he talked about the residential projects that were being worked on in the office. The question and answer portion of the presentation allowed for the students to better understand the presentation and its content.  

As an extention of its original series of exhibits, the "TSMD / Koleksiyon Hosts Architects" continues to exhibit across various universities in Turkey. On March 17th, 2014, the 6th exhibit was held at Middle East Technical University presenting YAZGAN DESIGN ARCHITECTURE. Dr. Kerem Yazgan gave a presentation on his design philosophy and also discussed various projects realized by Yazgan Design Architecture.  

The presentation was held on 24 March 2014 at Çankaya University, Ankara, Turkey. Kerem Yazgan hosted the event at Blue Hall. As a partner of Yazgan Design Architecture, Kerem Yazgan gave a presentation on his design philosophy of “[Designography of Architecture”; he shared his experiences about the formulation of the creative act of design and the methods to archive the design.